I Love Raw Healthy Food!

Fran Batzer, Health Coach, Medford, OregonWhere do I begin?  Blogging is a whole new world for me.  I have been living life as a vegan for less than 2 years.  I started out with some drastic changes to my life.  March 2010 I started a modified Gerson protocol and I eating animal products, I quit drinking alcohol, I quit white flour and white sugar and fats.  Well if that was not enough change I started juicing carrots and apples and making green juice.  Within two months I lost 18 pounds, within 3 months I had lost a total of 25 pounds.  This weight loss brought me to an all-time low for the past 20 years.  Soon people began asking me questions like: Was I sick?  What did do you do and how do I get some?  How much do you work out?  Well my workout was in the kitchen and time in the produce aisle.