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Strawberries and Cream vegan style “After-Gerson”

Strawberries and Cream vegan style

After Gerson: A reflection on attitude. Everyday I am faced with being the odd one out. I choose to live outside the box. When I am the only vegan at the table I feel blessed to know at every meal I get to choose to do what is right for my body. Yes I miss pizza, but not the bloat and rosacea that follows. Yes I love peanut M&M’s, but not the nausea, headache and foggy brain that follows. I now have my new favorite foods and am in continual search for more new to me favorite foods. One of my most recent favorites is raw cashew cream. This creamy awesomeness added to my morning gluten-free oats with organic strawberries is well just a party in my mouth. I am not missing out on anything, to me everyone else is that chooses the S.A.D. way of eating.